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Whether its photography, design, or something digital, I enjoy helping people solve their problems. I have had the pleasure of working with different companies and individuals throughout my career. Each client brought their own set unique needs, and I was happy that I could provide a creative solution. Below you will find examples of a wide range of projects.

A General Request

Typically, this is the type of work I receive regularly. I enjoy the happiness this type of work brings and the fact that I can provide it. Although I know that this type of work will never be in a museum, I do know that it will have a place on postcards, calendars, and even refrigerators; being adored by people who admire it.

I consider that success.

Design Work

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Community and University Service

I generally like to help people, it is one of the reasons why I became an educator.
Below you will find a few examples of work that I have done for the University of North Alabama and the Florence community.
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Returned Patrons

Generally, my clients only need me to help them with a task or a specific part of a project. However, I have had the privilege of working with a few clients on multiple projects. Below are a few examples from some of these experiences.

Building Church

Location: Huntsville, AL

I helped this place of worship create YouTube videos for its members that could not come to church during the Covid-19 pandemic. Place click on the BC logo to visit their channel.


Location: Purdy, TN

This is a B2B fabrication company that also makes custom designs. For Profab, I have updated the logo, designed motion graphics, and other documentation. Currently, I am helping to develop marketing strategies and online sales.
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Select Model Railroads

Location: Humboldt, TN

This company builds custom toy train sets. The owner travels around the United States and takes photographs of different locations to include in each unique train set. I helped them customize and produce over 200 panoramic images. To see some examples, please click on the image to the left.

Arts in McNairy

Location: Selmer, TN

This company promotes the Arts in West Tennessee.
I helped them create a vectored version of their logo and made it accessible for Social media.
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American Heart Association

Location: Memphis, TN

This was a collaborative design project. Another designer and I created the logo and designed the layout for the advertisement. The event was for the 2016 Mid-south Heart Walk. To see some examples, please click on the image to the left.

Rebecca Richards

Location: Purdy, TN

Mrs. Richards is an upcoming published author. I had the privilege of designing the cover for two of her newest books. Please click on the image to see more.

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