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Artist Statement

Storytelling is one of the oldest human constructs. The practice of storytelling teaches what it is to be human by sharing knowledge to understand the emotional and social impacts of existence. I am a storyteller, and my focus is on studying the human condition. For me creating art is not about the process or technique, it is about the idea. The main concepts I explore are identity, curiosity, and morality. I have a personal connection with each of these ideas: from growing up in the south to witnessing my father's suicide, etc. I explore these personal stories and create work that recaptures the thought or feeling of the event. I share these experiences in multiple ways to connect with an audience.


My love for photography began 15 years ago.
Since then I have taken many different photos.
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My Photos

Digital Manipulation

Inspired by Robert Parkeharrison, Dali, and Man Ray. This work dives into the surreal and engages the viewer with ideas about identity, morality, and the absurd.

My Digital Work

Conceptual Work

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